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The Ager House project is currently not completed. The 30 minute video is divided into three section approximately 10 minutes each. Part one provides a bit of Eau Claire history, part two deals with the preservation of author/journalist Waldemar Ager's home, and the third part is devoted to the author and his books.
The Cornucopia DVD was a collaboration between Bruce Burnside, Ivar Lunde, Jr. and local residents. The DVD tries to provide some historical information about Cornucopia and how the town has changed over time.

When I was asked to set music to Anders Shafer's book I said "yes" without hesitation. It was a relatively long story and I decided to use a larger orchestra, one of Mozart's size. The Fantastic Journey of Pieter Bruegel is indeed Andy's re-creation of the painter's travels based on actual paintings. Andy's words and illustrations are indeed "phantasystic." At the end his book has photographs of and information about the Bruegel paintings used to create the book, but Anders' own artwork is just as beautiful. Eau Claire is a remarkable community with numerous talents in many fields of the arts. The community's attention to educational opportunity, and the focus on children, is an important part of its fabric. This recording is dedicated to children everywhere, regardless of age.

North Bank is the title of an "over-the-door" artwork by Eau Claire artist Tiit Raid. This work of art was dissected and processed into a musical composition by giving each color a musical pitch. Some people can hear in color (chromaesthesia). Nanette G. Lunde possesses this gift and with her advise the artwork was reassembled as a musical experience.

Poet Max Garland reads his own poetry (Genealogy, Hydrogen, Reminiscence on the Nature and Cause of Flowers, Baby Boom, The Meaning of Baseball, The Day Lilies, A Brief Lecture on the Tear, Thirst) to music and video created by Ivar Lunde, Jr.

Select the YouTube logo to watch Peter Phippen and Ivar Lunde, Jr. perform a theme from Lunde's composition Spirits of the Forest.

Select the YouTube logo to watch Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra perform the 1st movement of Felix Alexandre Guilmant's 1st Symphony for organ and orchestra.