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La Crosse Chamber Chorale Choral Composition Contest - 1996, 1st Prize, 1996. 
Citizens Award for Community Service, Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1993.
Sabbatical Leave, Fall semester, 1992. (To compose The Child,  an opera in two acts.)          
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Fanfare Competition, 1990, Winner.
Sabbatical Leave, Spring semester, 1983.  (To compose Symphony No. 3.)
Alienor Harpsichord Composition Contest, 2nd Prize, 1982.
International Double Reed Society Composition Contest, 1st Prize, 1980.
Sabbatical Leave, Spring semester, 1999, to compose music to North Bank, a painting by Tiit Raid based on color interpretation by means of chromaesthesia.
TONO Choral Composition Contest, 2nd Prize, 1978
ABA-OSTWALD Band Composition Contest, 2nd Prize, 1977.
Delius Composition Contest, Honorable Mention, 1977.
Oslo Concert Hall Composition Contest for Symphony Orchestra, 1st Prize, 1976.
ABA-OSTWALD Band Composition Contest, 3rd Prize, 1976.
University of Maryland/Kendor Music Clarinet Choir Composition Contest, 1st Prize, 1975.
European Broadcasting Union Band Composition Contest, 3rd Prize, 1973.



University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation. Compose a symphonic work in honor of the University's Centennial, 2015.
Grace Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI. Compose a work in honor of Dorellen and Leonard Haas, 2015.
Reflective Episodes , Opus 108, for orchestra, Chippewa Valley Symphony, Wisconsin 1998.
Psilocybin, Opus 103 for clarinet, bassoon and piano, The Music Fix Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin 1993.
Reflections, for alto saxophone, double bass, winds and percussion, Phi Mu Alpha, Gamma Beta  Chapter, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1988.
Iowa Folk Song Suite, Scott Junior High School, Eldridge, Iowa, 1987.
TWO QUOTATIONS: A DEDICATION, for orchestra, choir and organ, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, 1986.
Xylem, for flute, oboe [Eng. hrn.], clarinet and bassoon, Society of Composers, Berlin, German Democratic Republic, 1984.
COBADINAAS, Concert Piece for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and symphonic band, College Band Directors National Association, Atlanta, Georgia, 1981.          
Lu∂rathytr,  Fanfare for brass and timpani, Vestfold Historielag, Sandefjord, Norway, 1980.
Two Contrasts for Wind and Percussion, Tønsberg Janitsjarkorps, Tønsberg, Norway, 1977.
Three Bagatelles for woodwind quintet,  St. Ansgar School System, St. Ansgar, Iowa, 1972.
AIGA, for symphony orchestra, City of Tønsberg, Tønsberg, Norway, 1971.